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 Ideal government system (rules, chat, and otherwise)

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PostSubject: Ideal government system (rules, chat, and otherwise)   Sun Jun 06, 2010 5:26 pm

OK, so most of you know about the "government system" that we failed on.(if you don't, it's "Ideal government system" in the wish list, has like 5 pages)
I'm going to try and re-do it. So, here are the rules.
for all the topics with...
  • :: in the beginning, don't post on them unless it has your name in the post section.
  • : in the beginning, everyone can post, but it must be on what I say.
  • nothing in the beginning, like this topic, you can talk about anything
the general rules apply:
kris_hole wrote:
I'll keep this short and sweet.

No Phishing.

No Off-Topic Posting

In the event of Necro Posting make sure its something worthwhile and not a pointless post.

And no pointless posting to gain post points.

And NO racist/sexual or abusive comments
feel free to suggest rules.

I'm going to post another topic in a few minutes, just have to type it. Razz
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Ideal government system (rules, chat, and otherwise)
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