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 My Application

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PostSubject: My Application   Tue Mar 22, 2011 12:07 am

Name: Christian Lester C. Carlos

Position Wanted: Mapper

Experiences with Kryce: From the Old Kryce where the Battle system was old. Back when deadnlife took me to the Earth spirit.

My Abilities: A well mapper, a stubborn map perfectionist.

I wanted to apply for mapper for I love to map so much, I forgot other things. I wanted this for the sake of my likes and loves. I also want to prove that I'm well at making maps. I'm a Filipino and I'm very persevere. As a student I should have the determination in being a mapper.

Example of My Works

The Akatsuki Fortress of Lords

The Akatsuki Hidden Frozen Cave

The Secret Cavern of the Five Elements

Hoping to be approved.. pale pale pale
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My Application
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